In this article, Cruise Ship Interiors Expo Europe exhibitor ARCHIGLASS studio reflects on the 30 year career of ARCHIGLASS CEO and architectural glass artist Tomasz Urbanowicz. His original artworks and architectural glass art compositions can be found in many prestigious public buildings, including the European Parliament building in Strasbourg, the Supreme Court building in Warsaw and the Podlasie Opera, Białystok. He also designs glass art pieces for residential homes. Read on for case studies from ARCHIGLASS displaying their prowess in glass design…

Glass Waves, private residence in Gdynia, Poland – 2016

This beautiful home by the sea, designed by the architects Zbigniew Reszka and Michał Baryżewski with their team, delights with its stunning location and architecture.

Tomasz Urbanowicz designed glass wave art for this private residence in Poland

One key feature of the residence is its private swimming pool, tucked away under a sloping hill. Designed by Tomasz Urbanowicz, the pool features a mirror spanning across the back wall to contrast the cement grey walls. The space contains a splash of blue glass waves, mounted on a mirror spanning the back wall. Illuminated blue glass waves are also mounted across the mirror, together creating an incredible effect, similar to a reflection upon water. Another key element of the design is the combination of the mirror, skylight and large windows opening onto the terrace. Together, these add light to the underground space, and bring the outdoors in.

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Adriatic Waves, Lower Silesia, Poland – 2019

Tomasz Urbanowicz designed the ‘Adriatic Waves’ architectural glass art for a private residence near Wrocław. The deep blue colour and unique shape of this glass design pay homage to the breaking waves of the Adriatic Sea from the client’s homeland. The glass elements of this design were manually sculpted at temperatures of 850°C. The design combines both matte and glossy surfaces and textures, similar to waves. These overall form a unique composition that matches the modern character of the interior.

Katamaran House, private residence in Chyby, Poland – 2009/2010

Architect Kuba Woźniczka and his team Kameleonlab designed the ‘Katamaran’ House, a 1,200 meter-squared residence with a pool located on a large lot near Poznań. The building divides into two cubic blocks connected by glass links and a terrace. Interior architect Barbara Węgrzyn and architect Przemysław Stawski of Czajkowsky Studio collaborated on its interior design.

Concept art by Tomasz Urbanowicz for “The Sails of Katamaran”

Tomasz Urbanowicz designed and created individual glass pieces for the house upon its completion in 2010. These include a piece entitled “The Sails of Katamaran” in the swimming pool and jacuzzi area. The key element of this design is found in the reflection of the glass in the water, inspired by sails in a calm harbour. To create this stunning effect, optical fibre lighting from the Lupus company illuminates the brightly coloured glass pieces.

ARCHIGLASS exhibited at Cruise Ship Interiors Design Expo Europe 2021. Find out more about this event here.