On board Cunard Lines’ transatlantic flagship, the Queen Mary II, sits the magnificent glass artwork ‘Blue Sun Setting in the Ocean’. Created by Archiglass, the project was commissioned in 2003 by Onderneming & Kunst from Amsterdam.

Archiglass Creates an Everlasting Sunset on Queen Mary II
An early sketch of Archiglass’ Blue Sunset aboard Queen Mary

The art feature, which was designed and brought to life by artist Tomasz Urbanowicz, the owner of Archiglass, is located on the 11th deck of the cruise ship at the Pavilion. The artist’s perception of the sun setting over the ocean is communicated through the elegant sculpture which began with a water-colour project and then transformed into thick kiln-formed ocean-blue glass.

Casted in the temperature of 850 degrees Celsius, the piece was formed in the shape of an ellipse, with the dimensions of 90 cm x 270 cm and bent into an arch with a radius of 160 cm to accompany the the curved division wall behind the music & performance stage.

Archiglass Creates an Everlasting Sunset on Queen Mary II
A stunning shot of the finished Blue Sunset glass piece by Archiglass

The unmissable sculpture welcomes guests as they enter and is used to separate the stage from the swimming pool which sits on the other side of the Pavilion.

The custom-made artwork was installed on the vessel in the harbour of St. Nazère in France in 2003 and where it formed part of the unique art collection that the ship carries.

The Archiglass studio which is located in Poland, reflects over 30 years of experience of artist Tomasz Urbanowicz in the architectural glass art. The artworks and glass compositions are uniquely designed and originally created, enriching many public utility buildings such as European Parliament in Strasbourg, Supreme Court in Warsaw or Podlasie Opera, Białystok.

Archiglass are exhibiting at Cruise Ship Interiors Expo Europe and will be found on Stand 1026!