Our Sustainability Mission - Cruise Ship Interiors Expo Europe

Sustainability should be at the heart of all progressive business practise, no longer a buzz word to be bandied round at board meetings, mentioned as a footnote in a press release or something aspirational but swiftly forgotten.

Cruise Ship Interiors Europe is placing sustainability at its heart. Within cruise, sustainability has come to dominate discussions with key industry leaders and our advisory board. The transparency of supply chains, the sourcing of materials, the wider business culture of a supplier, these are all questions that are beginning to have as much of an influence in decision making as cost per unit or turnaround time when identifying new suppliers or sourcing new product.

Now as a show, we want our show practises to reflect the industry. We understand we can always improve, we will always question the decisions we are making and we hope, with your help, we can create a show that leaves as little environmental impact in its wake as possible.

Below are examples of some of the initiatives we are embracing as we begin our journey to a more sustainable future:

  • Sustainability is no longer a one-off theme, it is the heart of CSIE with conference sessions, product launches, and a sustainable booth competition for exhibitor shining a light on the very best within the industry.
  • We have developed sustainability guidelines for all exhibitors as part of their wider exhibitor manual, encouraging exhibitors to consider how to reduce, reuse and recycle the materials on their stand. Download our Show Sustainability Guidelines here.
  • We work closely with our official sustainability partner – Cradle to Cradle who provides us with resources for the cruise interiors industry and helps shape best practise for the show.
  • Working alongside organisations such as Event Cycle at Cruise Ship Interiors Expo Europe will see us better placed to link waste material with community programmes that can re-purpose the materials.

  • Offsetting the pollution generated by staff travel by working with Terrapass, a carbon capture initiative, restoring the balance between our carbon footprint and the lives we live. We encourage all exhibitors consider offsetting their travel to our shows.
  • Working with our host venue to ensure as much of our waste is recycled properly according to local laws and provisions.
  • Eliminating all single use plastics on-site
  • Working with our catering providers to ensure more meat-free options, further eliminating food waste through donation after the event to local charities, using crockery and metal utensils when serving food or bamboo/biodegradable alternatives.
  • Significantly reduce all printed materials, with the show and exhibitors moving to digital materials where possible. If materials are printed, materials are encouraged to be on FSC-certified paper using environmentally friendly inks.

If you have any further suggestions, comments or would like to partner with the show on any current or future initiatives, please don’t hesitate to reach out! We are always looking to improve, to better ourselves, and to ensure that the show continues to push the envelope in what a trade show should look and feel like.