…Plus one way they’re the same!

We’ve recently enjoyed the unprecedented success of our inaugural cruise interiors show Cruise Ship Interiors Design Expo Americas, in Miami this June. So why are we getting ready to do it all again with the Cruise Ship Interiors Design Expo Europe in Barcelona, 4–5 December? Are we just cruise ship crazy, utterly unable to resist stunning interior design and innovative technology? That might well be the case! Or do we recognise that the American and European cruise market are two distinct markets with unique needs? That is definitely the case. While our cruise interior expos are sisters, they are not twins.

If you attended the Miami show and are wondering how our European expo will be different, or even if you’d like to learn a little more about what we have to offer, read on:

1…. The show is shaped by some of the top European cruise lines…

Developing the perfect show for the European market is one of our top priorities and we are lucky to have a stellar Advisory Board counselling us. Antonio Di Nenno, lead architect and Trevor Young, vice president newbuilding & refurbishment, both at MSC Cruises and Eleonora Brugnolotto, design manager at Crystal Cruises have all shaped the European cruise industry and we are honoured to have them shape our show.

2.… And developed by Europe’s most influential design firms

Who is better-positioned to advise on Europe’s first show dedicated exclusively to cruise ship interiors than Europe’s tastemakers? Our Advisory Board comprises the premier names in design, including Stefan Bez, CEO of Bez Marine Interiors; Anne Mari Gullikstad, CEO of YSA Design; David McCarthy, director, marine projects, AD Associates; Marco De Jorio, president, CEO and interior design head of De Jorio Design International; Fredrik Johansson, owner & executive project director of Tillberg Design of Sweden and Andrew Yuill, director of SMC Design.

Bez Marine Interiors, YSA Design, De Jorio Design International, SMC Design and Oliver Design will also be exhibiting.

3… We have curated CSI Europe for the expedition and river cruise market

When it comes to river cruises, Europe is at the top of the game. Europe has the largest river cruise fleet in the world, with around 346 active vessels. The fleet is set to expand over the coming years, 8 ships launching in 2019 alone. Europe’s expedition market is no less impressive, more than doubling its current berth capacity as it delivers 41 new expedition ships between now and 2023.  As the river and expedition markets boom, designers and outfitters work to create innovative new designs within the needs of the industry, such as sailing in ecologically sensitive areas like the Antarctic. With this in mind, we’re slating an impressive roster of conference sessions exploring the unique challenges and opportunities of designing for river and expedition vessels.

4…. The majority of the world’s shipyards are located in Europe, so of course we haven’t forgotten the outfitters and refurbishment and newbuild projects

With the conference taking place in Fira Barcelona, 4–5 December, we’ll be just around the corner from Hijos De J. Barreras where the Ritz-Carlton fleet is currently being constructed. Europe is a hub of outfitting, refurbishment and newbuild activity for cruise lines around the world. We’re working on arranging conference sessions that drill down to the essentials of newbuild and refurbishment work, from the original concept to the final product.

5…. You’ll be there!

We’ve designed Cruise Ship Interiors Design Expo Europe to be a highly focused show, catering to the European cruise lines, designers and shipyards. This means that every one of our 150-plus exhibitors and several thousand attendees will be interested in the European cruise industry and relevant to you and your business. We couldn’t say it better than one of our Miami exhibitors, “It was such a productive event. I saw a lot of familiar faces and was able to meet new friends within the industry that plan to do business with us going forward.” We plan to recreate that success in the European market and with that in mind we’ve created several events and areas to help connect you and your fellow delegates, including a networking lounge and Happy Hour.

So, what are we keeping the same across both shows:

1. The high quality of show

From Miami to Barcelona, the North American market to the European; wherever we are in the world we are operating to the highest-possible standard to deliver the best quality expo. We can’t wait for you to join us in Fira Barcelona, 4–5 December, and see what we can do for you and your business.