From a growing need for sustainable product lifecycles to an increasing demand for multi-functional design, cruise ship interiors are changing. However, Cruise Ship Interiors Design Expo Europe is here to help you navigate the latest trends and evolution of the industry!

Workshops are a brand-new type of session joining our conference programme, Cruise Conversations Live, this year. Tailored specifically to suppliers’ and designers’ interests, we have introduced workshops covering topics such as weight requirements and designing more sustainable products, as well as navigating the ins and out of designing effective multi-functional spaces. After attending these sessions, you will come away with an in depth understanding of what cruise lines and design firms look for when seeking suppliers, and tips for taking your designs to the next level. Led by prominent designers, suppliers and certifying bodies, these 30-minute sessions are a must see! Read on for our full 2022 workshop schedule.

Marine Design 101- How to Break into the Marine Market?

Day 1, 10:30am – 11:00am

Kicking off Cruise Conversations Live Europe’s brand new workshop programme is Marine Design 101. In this insightful session, you can learn everything you need to help your business break into the marine market. With speakers representing major cruise lines, learn from the experts about the IMO requirements and sustainable innovations that top their specification lists and how you can create the perfect pitch. Additionally, you can expect to learn more about how to become an authorised supplier with a cruise line and the many different routes to market you can take.

Location: AROS Marine Stand – 318


  • Beatrice Siri, AVP Architectural Outfitting Europe | Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd
A Cruise Conversations Live workshop session from Cruise Ship Interiors Design Expo America 2022

Multi-functional vs Multi-useless: Designing with Purpose?

Day 1, 2:30pm – 3:00pm

Multi-purpose spaces are one of the biggest trends in cruise ship interior design in recent years. In this workshop, designers ask the question, is a multi-functional venue synonymous with being “multi-useless”? Dive into the world of multi-purpose spaces, learn how to design for one primary function with secondary functionality, and create smaller, more intimate venues that prioritise passenger flow, comfort, and space. In this session, you will come away with the know-how to optimise a room as well as an understanding of the key considerations for setting the goals for a multi-functional space.

Location: CSI Plus Lounge


  • Mike Lambourn, Design Lead | PriestmanGoode
  • Trevor Young, Vice President – Newbuilding | MSC Cruise
Trevor Young speaking at Cruise Conversations Live 2019

Creative Takeback Schemes: From Old Carpet to New Products

Day 2, 10:30am – 11:00am

As cruise lines increasingly specify more sustainable suppliers, improving your product lifecycle and recyclability has never been more important. In this workshop, Holland America and Dansk Wilton share their joint experiences from a recent carpet recycling pilot project. This interactive workshop shares some key findings and sets clear parameters for successful future materials and circularity initiatives. Additionally, you can find out how to integrate the material circularity framework at the design stage and keep products in their first cycle for as long as possible. Take part in an open discussion about how the cruise interiors industry can develop the next steps for similar takeback schemes.

Location: Marahrens Stand – 506


  • Lone Ditmer, Marketing Manager | Dansk Wilton
  • My Nguyen, Director of Interior Design | Holland America Group
My Nguyen speaking at Cruise Conversations Live 2019

Implementing Sustainability: Measurements, Data and ROI

Day 2, 1:30pm – 2:00pm

This interactive session follows the numbers to create sustainable interiors by calculating both environmental impact and ROI. The workshop features an Invited Front Row who will feed back for 360 degree look at how the cruise interiors sector can use data to deliver sustainable design with a logical narrative from a business point of view. Come away from this insightful session with an understanding of what next-level environmental progress will look like, how to approach the transition, and what the industry’s biggest challenges are.

Location: Cristallux Stand – 444


  • Siu Lie Tan, Founder | Circular Symbiosis
A Cruise Conversations Live workshop session from Cruise Ship Interiors Design Expo America 2022

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