Cruise Ship Interiors Expo Europe exhibitor Tablebed has invented a space-saving, time-saving piece of furniture, which recently won an award from TIME magazine – read more about the product and the award in this guest article!

The Tablebed Single in its two variations

An award-winning and patented multi-functional Tablebed is a smart solution when you want to use the square-meters efficiently around the clock. Tablebed will increase your revenue with the same square meters if you are operating a hotel or a cruise ship. With the innovative patented mechanism, the space-saving furniture can easily be transformed from a table into a bed and vice versa, in 10 seconds.

The latest recognition of Tablebed is TIME Magazine’s the Best Inventions 2021 shortlist with a Special Mention. Furthermore, Tablebed has been nominated as the Best Product at the Decorex’s Sleep & Eat event for hotel design and architecture, and received an honorable mention at the San Francisco Design Week in the Wild Card category for unexpected products. The jury included, among others, Google Design Lead Irina Blok and Facebook’s Design Director Noah Richardson in addition to acclaimed interior designer Catherine Kwong and architect Takashi Yanai.

Same room – many ways to use it

The square meters of a space are in use around the clock – whether Tablebed is functioning as a table or bed. If an extra bed is not needed, the bed can be hidden by a design table, that can be used as a side table or working desk. At over two meters in length, two people can easily work side-by-side. Every Tablebed and Tablebed Single has also a footrest, making the table ergonomic to sit at for longer periods.

How was Tablebed invented?

Back in 2015, Dine Renfors had a lot of extra time on his hands, and he started questioning how to minimize the amount of items, and if there was a possibility to save money and living space at home.

With the idea of minimalism as a part of his life, Dine was motivated to find the opportunity of combining a table and a bed into one: two pieces of furniture that take a significant amount of space but are rarely used at the same time. Thus, the Tablebed story began.

Want to learn more about Tablebed?

Tablebed is a Finnish furniture innovation that can be used both for private and public use – from home to hotels. If you want to learn more about Tablebed, visit our stand no. 714 at Cruise Ship Interiors Expo Europe and visit Tablebed’s website, and social media channels.

Meet Tablebed at stand 714 at Cruise Ship Interiors Expo Europe 2021!

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