Solid Surfacing materials such as LG Hi-Macs, Corian and Staron offer exceptional design opportunities. With almost limitless 3-dimensional mouldability, the materials are available in a huge range of colours and stone effects. Every option offer a strong, hardwearing, hygienic finish.

Solid Surfacing by The Deluxe Group is IMO Certified, non-porous, extremely stain repellent and completely sterile. It is also internationally certified for resistance to dirt, viruses and bacteria. Solid Surfacing materials can be joined to give a visually seamless design, meaning bacteria and mould have nowhere to develop. Therefore Solid Surfacing offers a tried and tested solution for an easy-to-maintain and hygienic environment. It is for this reason that it is the material of choice for the health and hygiene industries.

Being a durable and versatile material any damages due to wear can be repaired and renewed. This increases the life-cycle of the product and minimises the need to replace, adding to the longevity and sustainability of the interior space.

As approved fabricators and installers of Solid Surfacing, The Deluxe Group has a full suite of specialist equipment to provide complex solid surfacing for a diverse range of applications. These include bespoke reception desks, restaurant countertops and tables, wall features, kitchens, bathrooms, and feature installations. With vast experience working with international designers, architects and private clients, our in-house design team are skilled at translating concepts into digital models pre-fabrication as the basis for inspiring solid surface creations.  

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