Cruise Ship Interiors Expo Europe (CSHE) is proud to present our innovative new exhibitor, Hand Sanitiser Horsham (HSH).

Based in Horsham, HSH are just down the road from the CSHE offices in sunny Brighton, and have been supplying hand sanitiser in pocket-sized form for more than 10 years. Since their outset, HSH has been dedicated to perfecting their hand sanitiser solution to provide maximum cleanliness for all skin types, while ensuring skin doesn’t become dry after multiple uses. HSH founder Brian Tweedy informed me that the key was in finding the right alcohol balance whilst ensuring a pH-neutral and hypoallergenic product.

The popularity of hand sanitiser has picked up in recent months – with government guidance around the world highlighting the importance of the cleanliness of the hands in preventing transmission of COVID-19, stocks of sanitiser seemed permanently sold out through early 2020. But HSH insist they’re not hopping on a sanitation bandwagon, having provided their high-quality product with great success in Italy and the Middle East for many years, in addition to supplying medical professionals for nearly 10 years.


Adore is HSH’s flagship product – hand sanitising gel in card form. Designed as a luxury product, Adore is the perfect size to keep in a wallet, to be used before and after contact-heavy tasks such as applying makeup or travelling on public transport. The one-use design means that the efficacy of the gel is always at factory standard, as it has not been opened and left to degrade. Adore also has strong potential to be utilised in hospitality environments. In a dining setting, Adore cards can be provided before and/or after meals or coffee, ensuring any contact from diners is with sanitised hands, thus keeping the area clean.

On cruise ships, Adore has a multitude of uses. The cards can be left in staterooms alongside the standard amenities travellers receive – these can then be used in the cabins, or carried around whilst on the ship without the need for a bag, providing ease of use. The cards can be placed strategically around the ship at all contact points, such as onboarding or offboarding, to ensure guests and staff a clean journey around the ship.

But sanitation is not the only focus of the Adore product. The gel has been designed and refined to ensure maximum cleanliness whilst also providing an attractive light citrus aroma, and contains Aloe and Tea Tree to prevent drying out the hands. Using all-natural ingredients, Adore is hypoallergenic and has a neutral pH balance. With large enough orders, the cards can be personalised, providing the ultimate brand experience.

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