On Tuesday 28th April 2020, we premiered the first iteration of Cruiseday Tuesday. Part of the Cruise Conversations series of webinars designed to provide advice to suppliers, designers, and others in the supply chain, Cruiseday Tuesday is an informal and informative chat with members of the cruise industry, occurring every other Tuesday.

The first iteration, Cruiseday Tuesday with… Petra Ryberg, gave some great advice to suppliers, covering a wide range of subjects from key design priorities, to space planning, to new materials in cruise. We’ve picked out some of the best bits from the session – but there were too many to include, so make sure you watch the video below! Petra has also answered any questions that were asked on the premiere chat – you can find these below.

Petra Ryberg on… working from home

“This ‘break’, if you can call it that, has made me tap into my bank of experiences. I find that when you stop, you get the most creative. I am feeling extremely inspired and creative at the moment, and I think it’s because I’ve had time to really think about it and digest all the information and experiences I’ve had. Everyone that I’ve met over the past few years, all the suppliers, it’s all coming out now.”

On… advice to suppliers

“There are so many suppliers out there, I understand it’s really hard as a supplier to break through – maybe now is an excellent time to do that – maybe you start a design collaboration? We have excellent contacts in the Advisory Board – maybe if a supplier came to me and said ‘design three fabrics’ that would be an excellent way to sustain contact over this period, it would be a way to find out a little bit what our style is, which would probably give you a bigger chance to get specified.”

On… key design priorities

“I think obviously, environment is always on top for us, safety and health along with that, and that won’t get any less important.

If we put the current situation aside for a minute, from a design perspective – I’m a strong believer in how a space makes you feel. […] If you walk into a space that makes you feel good, that’s something you want to return to. That needs to be done with all the different senses, and with a holistic design. If you walk into a space that looks great but there’s a horrible smell, you’re not going to love being in that space – so you need to nail those things together.”

On… space planning

“I really focus a lot on opening up to conversation when I space plan. I think everyone has experienced when you walk into a space and it feels a bit awkward […] and that’s the center and core thing when I design, that I want everyone to feel relaxed when they sit down, and open up to conversation.

[Space planning with social distancing measures] will be something we will all need to work together on, thinking a bit outside the box. I would try to use my method of breaking down every bit of the experience. How does it look when you enter that restaurant? Will there be buffet areas? Will we see more hand washing areas?..”

On… new materials

“We need to communicate and understand each other, and I think that’s when we all need to come in as one as an industry and make the best of it. If I can help a supplier understand how we use these surfaces in the space, and that allows the suppliers to produce a material that can service for that, I think that’s the goal.”

On… new suppliers

“My key thing has been finding a mentor. […] You have a great forum here – if you want to know more about cruise ship design, please reach out! Find someone that’s willing to walk you through the steps.”

Watch the full video here!

Premiere Questions Answered

  • Are there any plans for interiors on cruise ships to consider antimicrobial fabrics – could this be time to look at this for the marine industry?

Always happy to look at it. There are already materials on the market with these qualities but yes, always happy to discover more! 

  • When do you believe you are going to refurbish ships again?

Working full steam ahead on our refurbishments now! 

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