Texture plays a crucial part in the feel of a space. This is especially true on a cruise ship, where designers must utilise minimal space to create maximum impact. Textured elements can also add depth and intrigue to a design. This is especially essential for spaces such as cruise ships, where guests are constantly exposed to interior spaces over the course of several days to weeks.

Omexco, creators of fine Belgian wall coverings, have stepped up to that challenge with their latest collection, Loft. Their designers were inspired by ‘wall patinas weathered by the depths of history’. The designs blend non-woven prints and resplendent minerals: glass beads and mica sparkles.

Loft explores a subtle interplay between shadow and light, matt and shine, on unique designs inspired by nature or geometry. The print techniques are selected to magnify the beauty in the material’s imperfections.

The textures suggest ideas to the viewer. Can we discern a faint imprint? Gravel patterns in a Japanese Zen garden? A sandy beach sculpted by the tide? The weave of raw cloth? Oxidised metal? Abstracted, the designs are both familiar and unfamiliar to the onlooker.

Omexco have used this flexibility to their advantage within the collection. The colourways range between light and fresh to dark and jewel-like. This makes them applicable across different spaces while still providing a through-line.