Anyone suffering the winter blues should take a look at DELIUS’ new in- and outdoor furniture collection Meridian.

DELIUS’ Meridian fabrics for cruise

They describe their new colour palette in mouth-watering terms. The colours range from sage, olive green to a saffron yellow and a soft sorbet red. Bright gold, cantaloupe melon and skyblue perfectly complement the colour mood. Contrasting with this is the warmth of saffron yellow and burnt sienna or the cool skyblue and gentle sage. These standout colours are completed by elegantly patterned natural and grey shades such as desert sand and silver grey. 

Looks isn’t the only thing going for the Meridian collection. It’s made from the high-quality yarn Polyolefinic FR. The fabric contains all the essential properties for cruise ship specification. This includes weather and mould resistance, high lightfastness, resistance to chlorine and sea water, quick drying and extreme wear-resistance. All articles are flame retardant and meet IMO requirements. Designed for function, all fabrics in the collection can be machine washed at 40°C.

DELIUS’ Meridian collection is a highly functional and color-coordinated construction kit for creating inviting lounging and seating areas under the open sky. Use the refreshing summer colours to build a tropical paradise or combine the shades with the collection’s neutrals to create modern sophistication.

Explore the collection here.