The interior design company, Cita Design was established in 2019 from Cita Marine Furniture & Architecture’s work in the maritime sector. Cita Marine Furniture & Architecture supplied material for all crew areas and some deluxe cabins of Norwegian operator, Havila Kystruten, which is how Cita Design began.

The design firm started a joint venture with Cita Marine Furniture & Architecture contributing to the concept design of ultra- luxury cabin suites for two ships, Havila Capella and Havila Castor. Cita Design is inspired by the connection between humans and nature. To bring this to life, the interior design needed to incorporate natural elements.

Shaping the space

Natural light and soft transitions were key throughout this project. Balanced shapes and warm tones give a soft luxury ambiance, along with fabrics that contain natural material in a range of pastel shades. They designed sections within the cabin suites to be detached from the rest of the space, forming an area within itself. The intention was also for guests to remain connected to the environment by offering both the sea view and natural light. Along with the wide window openings, bright reflective surfaces absorb natural light into the space as much as possible.

Natural Is the New Luxury: Cita Design - Cruise Ship Interiors Expo Europe
Cita Design’s cabin creation

For centuries, people have been gathering around fire, naturally forming a space around the radiating heat and light. Cita felt that this was a necessary component to bring to the design and chose to include a fireplace feature. The unique structural design of the room placed the fireplace in the centre. Although this differs to the conventional positioning of a fireplace, Cita wanted to bring guests back to nature by offering an experience that provides a natural attraction inside, and a magnificent sea view outside.

User Comfort

Every detail has been specially considered for user comfort. With thought in every layer, the cabin serves function and aesthetic in the most appropriate way. What are the highlights? Natural light, artificial light, surfaces, the feel of the material, texture, pattern and colour.

The design was created with the approach to hold the guest in the centre of the room, with a timeless, transparent and objective feel, regardless of a specific fashion or culture. As a result, visitors from anywhere in the world would feel at home in these cabins, just like the sense of belonging we feel in nature.

You can find Cita Design on stand 702 at Cruise Ship Interiors Expo Europe, 2 – 3 December 2020.