Ship name: Le Soleal

Art et Floritude’s work aboard Le Soleal

This stunning project is the result of a collaboration between Art et Floritude and Jean Philippe Nuel’s design studio. Our brief was to develop a light concept inspired by jelly fish while offering more geometric lines in keeping with the overall architecture. A key requirement was to introduce an element of lightness within the scheme. We were to echo the beauty of a jelly fish drifting away in the underwater current.

Close coordination with the designers facilitated the development of a ceiling sculpture that was relatively flat, rigid and functional. This overcame several technical challenges, including the very low ceiling, the darkness of the room and the vessel’s vibrations. Each module was positioned with its own fixing and had to be millimetre perfect!

In fact, this coordinated approach involved all major stakeholders on the project: the electrician, the lighting designer, the architect and the client.

Since Le Soleal, Art et Floritude have completed another three projects with la Compagnie du Ponant.