On Tuesday 11th August 2020, Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo and Cruise Ship Interiors Expo CEO Toby Walters was joined by Jon Ingleton, Executive Editor at Cruise & Ferry Review, for an informal, informative chat about interiors in the cruise industry, for the fourth iteration of our Cruiseday Tuesday series. Part of the Cruise Conversations series of webinars designed to provide advice to suppliers, designers, and others in the supply chain, Cruiseday Tuesday occurs every few Tuesdays, and takes the format of a friendly chat with members of the cruise industry.

In the fourth iteration, Cruiseday Tuesday with… Jon Ingleton, Toby and Jon discussed Jon’s 30 years in the industry, recounting influences, mentors, and great interviewees. Also covering the main topic of the day, Jon explored best practices for cruise lines, and how interior designers play into the industry’s recovery efforts.

We’ve picked out some of the best bits from the session – but there were too many to include, so make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel and watch the video below!

Jon Ingleton on… starting Cruise & Ferry Interiors

“There was nothing just for cruise interiors. And in fact, there was nothing at all for cruise interiors up until around the time your show [Cruise Ship Interiors Expo] started! […] The more we can talk about interior design, the better it is for everybody.”

On… common leadership traits

“[All the cruise industry leaders] have got charisma. Bags and bags of charisma, and I think that’s a huge asset for any leader, especially in travel and hospitality. Clarity of vision is another thing – recognising where you need to go and how to get there. Leaders also must have integrity. Acknowledging their mistakes, giving credit to others where due. Every great leader only becomes so if they’ve got a great team behind them – so being able to spot and keep great people. Passion – every leader in this industry has pure passion.”

On… new designers

“There are so many characters today that are really driving the industry forward.”

On… ships of the past

“Crystal Harmony – that’s an early one that sticks in my memory. That was a great ship for collaboration, lots of interior designers working on it. […] It was, and probably still is, one of the most beautiful cruise ship interiors that I’ve ever seen.”

On… collaboration in the industry

“I’ve really enjoyed watching some of the collaboration that’s come from webinars. [After COVID-19] we probably won’t see as many webinars, but for sure they’re here to stay. Even if the numbers aren’t as good as some would like, they’re a really important channel and can be repeatedly revisited.”

On… restarting the cruise industry

“The industry has been through a lot of blows. […] Timing is critical, starting too early could damage the whole industry. The approach now from cruise lines is to take a common theme – employing experts […], seeking guidance from experts. […] All the brands are doing pretty much the same thing, unsurprisingly.”

On… a best practice

“There’s already best practice […] pre-boarding screening, reduced capacity, pressure ventilation, vents testing and screening, additional handwashing facilities, elevated sanitation and clean, enhanced medical centers, regular health monitoring, contingency response, regular health reminders, and importantly the provision of health and safety information on board for passengers. There’s already that best practice in place, it’s really now about how the ships deliver that.”

On… the interior design influence

“Interior designers have the expertise to help guide cruise lines. They’ll help the cruise lines make practical and considered choices and not rush into buying stuff they don’t need or make structural changes they don’t need to. It’s the effectiveness of your onboard operations that’ll make it all work.”

On… the most important teams in cruise

“It’ll all be won by the crew. If the crew are well-trained and if they’re delivering a great onboard experience for the passengers, then we’re on to a winner.”

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