In our final article for Collaboration Week we hand over the reins to our exhibitors. DAUERFLORA, Pfleiderer and Fipro were listening to the first episode of Cruise Conversations when they realised that they could combine their talents to create a new product for cruise in the time of COVID-19.

Read on to learn their story…

How it all began

DAUERFLORA, Pfleiderer and Fipro have known each other for a long time and value each other’s skills, materials and products. When we meet at fairs, conferences or webinars our discussions are always characterized by mutual appreciation and attentive listening.

Cruise Conversations Episode 1 gave us the idea to start working together more closely, in fact while still listening, we were already messaging ideas back and forth.

When DAUERFLORA began to develop room dividers as protection against infection, Pfleiderer and Fipro showed interest and offered support. We decided to combine our different skills and experience and develop effective and visually attractive room dividers together.

DAUERFLORA specializes in transforming shipbuilding pillars, bare walls and empty corners into visual highlights.

And Pfleiderer and Fipro are the specialists when it comes to sustainable, lightweight and non-combustible materials and panels.

The result? Elegant room dividers and infection protection screens made of a range of materials.

The product

In times of Corona room dividers are indispensable as disease prevention. But besides that, room dividers offer a lot more than health protection. They can guide the way, create separate spaces, divide large rooms into small spaces.

The room dividers DAUERFLORA offers come in different forms, sizes, designs and are multifunctional. Some of them are made of acrylic glass to ensure safe protection, some are plain and some are artfully decorated. The prices vary accordingly.

Owing to the collaboration with Pfleiderer and Fipro, some of them can even be obtained with very different panel surfaces. There is a choice of various materials: metal, or surfaces showing a wooden, stone or concrete optic, with or without antibacterial surfaces. The lightweight and non-combustible variety is particularly attractive for customers in the cruise line industry.

There is a perfect variation for everyone.

Design and Concept

DAUERFLORA is a specialist in green design and decoration. We are dedicated to giving every room its unique special appearance. It has been a great joy for us to develop visually attractive protecting walls. We are now proud to offer a wide range of elegant solutions.

New designs are continuously added to the collection and of course every object can be customized according to the customers’ wishes.

The Pfleiderer Group is a leading wood-based panel manufacturer in Europe. The Pfleiderer Group offers a complete range of products and services with a focus on furniture making, the timber trade, interior fitting and timber construction. Pfleiderer pools the Duropal and Thermopal product ranges under the Pfleiderer umbrella brand and is a partner of industry, trade, installers, designers and architects.

FIPRO® is one of the leading suppliers of non-combustible panels for the ship building industry. The panels we produce range from heavy duty through to light weight and are generally used for interior outfitting. Our products are exported worldwide through direct sales, or via our network of distributors.