Whether through door handles, cell phones or shopping carts, our hands constantly come into contact with germs; they are predestined carriers of pathogens. Regular and thorough hand washing reduces the number of germs our hands carry – and automated faucets improve hygiene standards further by reducing contact during hand washing. As a result, they are becoming increasingly popular in both public and private areas, including guest toilets. hansgrohe’s new electronic faucet, Vernis Blend, boasts a long-lasting, modern design that uses water efficiently.

hansgrohe Vernis Blend

Vernis Blend combines the highest standards of hygiene and technology with sustainable use of water and energy, aiming to be economical, hygienic, and contactless. The water flow of the sensor-controlled faucet can be regulated as needed. Like many motion detectors, the faucet’s sensor reacts to changes in infrared radiation, allowing the flow of water when it detects body heat from a hand.

Non-contact faucet solutions are a more hygienic solution

Vernis Blend is also available as a version with cold water or with temperature regulation. With the latter, the temperature can be changed directly on the faucet without the need for disassembly using an Allen key, meaning easy seasonal adjustments to the water temperature are possible. The sensor-controlled washbasin faucet also features a thermal disinfection function, which destroys impurities such as viruses or bacteria in the pipes, with the water flowing through reaching temperatures of up to 70°C. This means that Vernis Blend can also serve as a source of clean drinking water.

The high-quality metal used, the integrated dirt filter in the connecting hoses and the built-in backflow protection make this electronic faucet a safe and reliable option. Additionally, the versatile design means Vernis Blend fits perfectly into a variety of washroom environments in both public and private areas.

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