Cruise Ship Interiors Expo Europe exhibitor Naval Interior Team (NIT) will be launching an exciting new program at the show – GreeNIT. GreeNIT is NIT’s commitment to creating a more sustainable workflow – read more about it below.

NIT Naval Interior Team, the interior outfitter specialist, has built great spaces for the world’s leading shipyards and shipowners for over 20 years. NIT is steering the company towards more sustainable strategies and is participating in Cruise Ship Interiors Expo in London to share the news of the GreeNIT program.

The GreeNIT program is a business model that aims to steer NIT’s operations in a more sustainable direction and develop more efficient, environmentally friendly working methods. NIT believes that by doing things more efficiently and sensibly, they are also being done more sustainably.

Together with VTT (Technical Research Center of Finland) NIT has developed a tool for calculating the carbon footprint of its operations and products, specifically for turnkey interior areas. The calculation is based on EN 15804 standard, which considers all product life cycle stages. NIT is able to calculate the Global Warming Potential (GWP) index and show the carbon dioxide equivalent value (CO2e) of the area delivered. Carbon footprint calculator’s data includes also Carbon hand print, the positive climate impact that creates emission reduction potential for the user.

NIT desires to profile itself as a pioneer within the environmental issue. GreeNIT enables reduced emissions through design and operative solutions and makes environmental impacts visible. This provides NIT customers the opportunity to choose sustainable solutions for their projects. NIT strongly believes that improving the sustainability of their own operations encourages others to pursue the same goal.

With the Carbon footprint calculator, NIT offers customers environmentally friendlier choices during the design and operative process. For example, staircase material can be changed to a lighter one, or it could be made of recycled raw material in order to minimize the environmental load. With the Carbon hand print given, the customer can utilize the potential of recycling or reusing the material after the usage stage.

NIT takes into account the environmental impact of transportation and optimizes freight to achieve a smaller carbon footprint. NIT is actively exploring more environmentally friendly material choices to offer to customers during the procurement. Environmental awareness is also seen in our office – NIT is a part of WWF Finland’s Green Office program, which aims to reduce the everyday carbon footprint through yearly goals and activities. 

Meet NIT at stand 110 at Cruise Ship Interiors Expo Europe by registering to attend.