Room to Breathe is an exhibitor at Cruise Ship Interiors Expo Europe. Providing safe, clean, indoor environments for the hospitality industry, Room to Breathe supply a certified ‘Peace of Mind’ to cruise lines, hotels, and accommodations worldwide. Here they make the case for how the global pandemic is driving an evolution in wellness.

When we eventually return to ‘normal’ life following the worldwide pandemic, we will all have become acutely aware of how Mother Nature can rapidly alter the status quo and severely affect each and every one of us; where we go, who we see, and what we do.

The personal and commercial effects of the current outbreak will be felt for years to come – of that there is no doubt. Personal and social hygiene awareness has increased exponentially, with a growing scepticism of what is and what is not clean.

Whether we are at our workplace, attending leisure facilities or travelling for business or pleasure, we now have a heightened awareness of how we interact with others and with the world around us. We will now expect and demand a higher level of service from Providers that takes cognizance of the perceived risks as a result of this.

COVID-19 will change the way we work, how we live and how we travel. Few markets have felt the full force of this pandemic more than the Hospitality Sector. It had decimated trade, scattered the labour force and threatened the very existence of the supply chain. Travellers, holidaymakers and businesspeople alike will now become even more difficult to satisfy and will seek to be given as much reassurance as possible.

A single night stay becomes your biggest issue, as each and every night your new Customer requires the peace of mind that your room is as safe as possible for them to stay in. Failure to address these new concerns could result in the long-term repeat visitor more likely to find alternatives.

Capturing this feeling of assured safety every time must be seen as the focal point for Customer Satisfaction.

What can be done?

So what can the Hospitality Sector do to insulate itself from the aftershock of COVID-19 and prepare for the inevitable increase in customer demands? What can be done to provide that “peace of mind” that is desired?

Is carrying out the same cleaning protocols more frequently by an already stretched Housekeeping department going to provide the reassurance required? In a word, no.

Taking steps to show your commitment to your Customers health and wellbeing is now, more than ever, of paramount importance.

Room to Breathe

A new approach to a new problem must be the way forward. It needs to address the worries and concerns of your customers but must, just as importantly, be cost effective.

Imagine the cost of a Deep Clean between every guest. This is neither practical nor affordable.

This is where Room to Breathe comes into its own.

By providing a room that can demonstrate continuous and permanent ‘self-cleaning’ provision, you can provide customers with an unrivalled level of service and commitment to their needs and concerns.

Originally developed to provide safe, clean accommodation for the millions of travellers who have a hypersensitivity to various toxins, pathogens and allergens, Room to Breathe also kills 99.99% of viruses and bacteria including coronaviruses (incl. influenza, SARS, MERS).

  • Step One – Deep Clean

An initial industrial air purge followed by a combination of steam cleaning above 40℃, ultra-low-penetration air (UPLA) vacuuming and the application of our unique decontamination fluid which is deadly to pathogens (but is safe to all higher living organisms) is fogged into the area ensuring every surface coated.

Additionally, by using innovative UV technology we can rid mattresses, pillows and soft furnishings of undesirable micro-organisms within seconds.

  • Step Two – Anti-microbial Coating.

Once the area has been decontaminated, our antimicrobial coating “BioTouch” will be applied. The BioTouch formula bonds to a clean surface and when viruses and bacteria land on the protected surface, the cellular structure is ruptured (not poisoned) and becomes defunct.

The only way BioTouch can be removed is by it being chipped off. Where there is a risk of this, on door handles, light switches for example, we can easily reapply to maintain the coatings efficiency.

  • Step three – Bedding and soft furnishings

Using our own unique formula, Protext solution provides a layer of invisible protection which permanently interrupts the life cycle of dust mites and bed bugs.

Our method avoids the use of toxins so whilst lethal to bugs and mites does not pose a risk to the client. This is also applied to all fabrics and soft furnishings.

  • Step Four – Continuous Air Sanification.

Installing filterless air sanifiers provides the final level of protection. Using technology originally developed by NASA, our sanifiers seek out contaminants and pathogens within the air and on surfaces and neutralise them.

By applying this four step process, we not only eradicate 99.99% of viruses and bacteria, we also provide a continuous level of protection in between our Deep Clean processes.


On completion certification is provided and displayed either outside or within the room to provide that peace of mind to Customers and employees alike.

A Room Information Pack is provided for guests to simply explain the RTB system, providing that Peace of Mind.

In order to maintain the certification, Steps One and Two are carried out every four months in accordance with our Terms & Conditions.

On-site training is also provided to Housekeeping staff in order to ensure the efficacy of the RTB system is maintained. This is no more onerous to staff and in fact will simplify their cleaning protocols.


Based on an occupancy of 72%, our cost model demonstrates that a ROI of 100% can be achieved in the first year with a surcharge of just £15 per night per room.

We truly believe Room to Breathe is the next step in the evolution of the hospitality market.

Our processes not only provide protection from unseen pathogens but are also proven to improve cognitive function, enable better quality of sleep and promote overall wellbeing.

So whether you are wanting to ensure the highest level of protection for your customers or are looking to capture the untapped market for those travellers with intolerances or allergies then Room to Breathe is the answer.

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