Flooring is a crucial element of cruise ship design. It lays the foundation for all other elements within that space, and so getting the right style is key. As it covers a large surface, flooring must also be durable. It must be able to withstand high levels of footfall and frequent cleaning. Forbo Flooring Systems marries both function and aesthetic in their latest cruise ship flooring, Flotex FR.

Forbo Flooring Systems develops an expansive range of truly comprehensive and compliant floor and wall coverings for the cruise industry. Its latest product, Flotex FR is a unique innovation that combines aesthetics with durability and hygiene. Flotex FR is available in a wide range of colours and designs to set the tone for any cruise ship interior. The flooring is also able to withstand extreme wear and tear as well as increased footfall. This makes it ideal for applications within high traffic public spaces on board.

Flotex FR is an innovative flooring that comes in a wide range of colours and designs to suit any interior

Designs that suit any interior

Flotex FR’s unique combination of design flexibility and high-performance functionality make it well suited to a wide array of environments. These include multi-functional areas, restaurants, bars, corridors, children’s play areas, theatres, cinemas, staff and passenger cabins, offices and shops to name a few.

In addition to the collection of Flotex Classic FR, rotary printed semi plain designs, there is also an online extensive digital library of over 500 Flotex Vision FR design options to choose from. Its high-definition quality and specialist print technology allow for large pattern repeats and vivid lifelike colours. There is a style to suit any theme or design. Flotex FR is also available in natural wood patterns. These include distressed oak, smoked walnut and herringbone designs.

Flotex FR comes in many natural wood patterns including distressed oak, smoked walnut and herringbone designs

Alternatively, if you are looking for something truly unique then why not create your own Flotex FR masterpiece using our bespoke design service alongside our high-definition print technology? Our experienced designers can help at any stage in the design process, depending on what involvement you require.

Washable and fast drying

Flotex FR floor coverings are waterproof and can be washed using a high range of cleaning products including mechanical wet cleaning. After cleaning, Flotex FR will also dry quickly compared to other textiles.

Forbo Flooring Systems can also produce a bespoke design using high-definition print technology for a truly unique cruise ship interior space


Due to its unique construction, Flotex FR is very hygienic. While floor coverings capture fine dust and allergens from the air, vacuuming Flotex FR removes twice as many allergens as conventional carpet flooring. This is just one of the reasons Forbo’s Flotex flocked flooring has been awarded the highly prestigious Allergy UK Seal of Approval™.

Slip resistant

Flotex FR floorings are slip resistant, in both wet and dry conditions. This is especially helpful in the case of spills or when cleaning in high traffic areas.

Sound reduction

In some environments, such as cruise ship cabins it’s preferred to have lower sound levels. To aid this, Flotex FR offers up to 22 dB impact sound reduction, delivering levels of comfort and noise normally only associated with a carpet, thanks to high pile density and impervious cushioned backing.


Flotex FR contains over 70 million polyamide 6.6. fibres per square metre, making it a tough and durable choice that can withstand high levels of traffic.

Flotex FR is a more durable flooring option that is able to withstand high levels of footfall, making it ideal for high traffic areas such as restaurants

IMO/MED certified

Tested, approved and wheel marked in accordance with the IMO Maritime Equipment Directive as well as being Lloyd’s Register approved, Flotex FR can be used with confidence on board cruise liners, passenger ferries and other sea going vessels.

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