Cristallux innovates with recyclable material | Cruise Ship Interiors Expo

Alternative materials are becoming more and more important in today’s ship building processes. Innovative materials can not only improve cost efficiency but also durability and recyclability, leading to a reduction in waste. Alamar lighting by Cristallux is the answer.

Cristallux has developed its fully recyclable Alamar material in-house for project lighting. It is produced without any waste: cut-offs are broken down into their granular base form and used in the next production cycle. Clients can also return their unwanted fixtures for recycling. Alamar is a durable alternative to natural materials, including marble, stone and glass, which can be too expensive and fragile for larger projects and fixtures. It has the appearance and texture of marble or crystal glass, and has many other benefits.

The design process

Cristallux designs and manufactures Alamar batches from scratch. As a result, its texture and colour can be customised according to the client’s designs. For example, do you want a browner-looking marble look that compliments the texture of the furniture? No, problem! Cristallux’s project lighting is not limited to Alamar fixtures, however. With an in-house wood, metal and paint shop, Cristallux is able to produce illuminated objects with any material specified by its clients.

Cristallux lighting includes a complete service package assisting its clients from the very beginning to the very end. They design and develop each fixture together with interior architects and designers. Cristallux’s factory in Germany manafactures according to highest quality and maritime standards and comes with global warranty, using only the latest LED-technology.

The company also provide instalment on board, done by its own experts to ensure the companies high quality standards are met until the very end of each project.