We asked leading cruise executives, how do you see cruise getting back on it’s feet? They told us that it was through collaboration. And when experienced members of the cruise design community gave their top tips for new-to-cruise companies, collaboration was No.1 on the list.

Inspired by these conversations around collaboration, we decided to amplify the stories of our collaborative exhibitors. We talked to the cruise suppliers and outfitters that have teamed up as a result of exhibiting at CSIE and the Health & Hygiene exhibitors who have created innovative new products. As a result, we’ll be sharing these amazing stories on our blog and on LinkedIn.

We’ll also be revisiting some of our favourite Cruise Conversations webinars. This includes our recent headliner from our Virtual Event: Collaborating and Communicating Across Disciplines. Moderated by Greg Walton, CEO and Founding Partner of Studio DADO, the webinar takes a start-to-finish look at project collaboration. This includes ten top tips for creating cohesion within a multi-disciplinary team, understanding the whole value chain at the outset and several case studies.

Collaboration Week kicks off 14 September 2020 on our LinkedIn, YouTube and blog. Follow us or stay tuned to learn more.