Over 50 countries worldwide have made wearing face masks mandatory in a variety of public spaces. The message is clear: if we want to get back to ‘normal’ then face masks must be part of that normal. So, how do hospitality brands incorporate that into their branding? As any hospitality brand knows, uniform – or lack thereof – plays a crucial part in a company’s messaging and the guest experience.  

The New ‘Normal’

Notable figures have been quick to catch on to the power of a customised face mask. Zuzana Caputova, President of Slovakia, colour matched her face mask to her suit for the swearing in of a new government. Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House in the US, has been carefully coordinating her face masks and pantsuits for months. It’s no surprise that politicians have caught on early to the power of face mask messaging: they know just how complex communication can be.

How can a face mask help a hospitality brand? Firstly, the mere presence of a face mask signals that the brand is serious about its customers health and wellbeing. Secondly, there are aesthetic considerations.  Do you co-ordinate your wait staff’s facemasks with traditional, sleek black uniforms? Or do you opt for an irreverent take, in-keeping with the food, design, and styling of your restaurant? And thirdly, is there an option to add another dimension to the facemask? Can you maintain the necessary components for hygiene while making the mask see-through, so your guests can engage better with your staff? Can you use innovative materials to improve on the hygiene rating of your face mask, while still balancing budget and manufacturing timelines?

As you can see, there are lots of questions to be answered. And lots of scope for creativity! As a company who always looks for the opportunity in obstacles Cruise Ship Interiors Expo have a challenge for you…

Design a Face Mask

We’re asking you, the cruise design community, to get inspired and design a face mask that shows off your creative talents! Why not use this time to be innovative and have some fun? The challenge is open to all and your designs can be submitted as sketches, 3D renders, or even photos of your already made mask. The masks will be judged by cruise line executives and top interior designers and shared for the industry to see so if you want to your name in front of the key decision-makers, this is the perfect way to do it!

While we make no promises, there is a rumour that the cruise lines may be eagerly anticipating the designs that will come out of this. Entries close 19th June so if you haven’t entered yet – what are you waiting for?

Save the date! Cruise Ship Interiors Expo Europe and Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo Europe will take place in London, at the ExCel Centre 2-3 December 2020.