Applelec Marine is set to bring its innovative lighting product ViberLight to the marine industry.

The light is created by laser but captured inside optical fiber and conducted through a whisper-thin and ultra-light cable. For designers and architects this unique technology opens a window of opportunities to generate applications that could not be achieved with existing light technologies such as LED, EL wire or plastic fibers.

Each individual glass fiber has a diameter of only 0.23mm and distributes light evenly over a distance of up to 50 meters. When connected the fibers can reach indefinite lengths while experiencing no energy loss. The fiber can be bent, twisted and knotted 360 degrees, allowing you to use it however you like.

ViberLight is already a popular material in the art world for its striking appearance and flexibility of use. It was the crown jewel of the 2017 Amsterdam Light Festival in Ai Weiwei’s stunning piece Thinline, 6.5 km of red laser light looping around Amsterdam’s canals. The fiber’s marriage of stunning light and durable material has also meant it has found success in the Super Yacht industry, with Applelec Yacht having created ViberLight products for customers, including custom signage and a helipad.

Applelec proposes that ViberLight is a practical and aesthetic solution to many of the design challenges in the cruise industry, from signage and wayfinding built into the floors to architectural lighting design.