CSIE exhibitor Sonic Chair is proud to announce its collaboration with the world’s very first Mind Spa at House of Rituals in Amsterdam. The result of this collaboration is a space designed for mental relaxation and meditation. It also provides an environment for guests to learn how mindfulness can improve their lives.

Breathing exercises have been proven as one of the most effective tools for combating stress. That’s why the Mind Spa at House of Rituals has paired up with one of the world’s favourite breathwork experts, Niraj Naik, the founder of Somabreath, to provide relaxing breathing techniques. Visitors can release stress and activate a deep sense of relaxation with the calming breathing technique guided by Niraj Naik. During the exercises, long exhales of breath enable the body and mind to relax and let go of tension. Then, by the end of the exercise, visitors will have achieved peace of mind and a sense of tranquillity. While seated in the sonic chair users will be completely uninterrupted by outside noises and the sound vibrations transduced by the special sound system of the chair. This makes the breathing experience completely immersive.

While seated in the Sonic Chair, users are completely uninterrupted by outside noises

About Sonic Chair

The early 2000s marked an exponential rise in both the use of the internet and the consumption of digital content. This was in part driven by the growing number of ways to enjoy both audio and visual content on the go. During this time, companies began to seek ways to allow users to enjoy media in public without disturbing others. One client approached Sonic Chair’s team with the idea to equip a public lounge area with furniture where people could listen, watch and play (video) games. This marked the beginning of Sonic Chair.

In 2006 we developed and designed the Sonic Chair and presented it at the International Furniture Fair IMM in Cologne. The attention and demand were immense right from the start. Since then, every single Sonic Chair has been individually handcrafted in Cologne, Germany and distributed worldwide. They are produced with only the finest materials like semi-aniline leather, satin stainless steel, or high quality microfibre. Sonic Chair is individually manufactured according to the wishes of the customer. Its design is adapted for use.

In addition to their wellness applications, Sonic Chairs are used in lobbies, lounges and other waiting areas. Wherever they are installed, Sonic Chairs provide exceptional audiovisual entertainment. They have also been adopted into numerous international museums and libraries for multimedia capabilities. Here they provide digital information and education to visitors. Each chair combines the functions of a comfortable lounge chair with an award-winning design (Red Dot design award) and an audio-video station.

sonic chair at mind spa of rituals
Thanks to their multimedia capabilities, Sonic Chairs can be utilised in lobbies, lounges and other waiting areas

Have you ever sat inside a pair of headphones?

The design of the Sonic Chair is inviting and attractive. Its unique shape and high-end sound system have been developed especially for users to enjoy the sound without disturbing the surrounding area. Sonic Chair provides an exceptional audio experience, allowing you to sit at the very centre of a sound system. Whether you listen to music, speech or other sounds, the integrated speakers are precisely adapted to your ears. The speakers are encased in a carefully crafted wooden body that creates sufficient volume for powerful bass tones, while a specially developed body-focused sound membrane serves as backrest and further augments the lower frequencies. This provides the feeling of a live performance. The open design ensures a resonance-receptive, well-balanced sound environment. The passive sound insulation creates an acoustic island. Background noises will not disturb the user of the Sonic Chair. This enables full immersion.

The Sonic Chair combines the functions of a comfortable lounge chair with award-winning design and an audio station in one single product

The chair provides two separate input jacks so users can connect an audio player. Sonic Chair also allows for wireless audio connection of smartphones, tablets or laptops via Bluetooth. An optional table with an integrated QI charger additionally provides a wireless charging point for smartphones. Sonic Chair can be equipped with an Apple iMac with touchscreen or an iPad to become a multimedia-based all-rounder for audio visual information and entertainment.

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