Andriali Contract are a founding partner of both Cruise Ship Interiors Expo America and Cruise Ship Interiors Expo. Having worked with them over two shows we were delighted to have the opportunity to meet and discuss just what makes Andriali Contract so unique and what they can offer the cruise industry. From impressive lead times to a staggering range of customisation fabrics, Andriali Contract took us behind the scenes…

Could you tell us a little more about yourselves and Andriali?

Andriali Contract is a fabric manufacturer ran by my partner, Esra, and myself. We manufacture a wide variety of fabrics such as plain and textured weave, decorative weave, sheer/voile, chenille, cotton and cotton blend, leather and faux leather, linen and linen blends, metallic,  Trevira Sc, draperies, upholsteries, velvets, fancy sheers, blackouts and vinyl upholstery and can provide any type of construction and quality woven to any specification. All of our fabrics pass IMO requirements and all the chemicals we use are compatible with OEKO standards. Our Collection is also 3rd Party Certified by OEKO-TEX.

I come from a creative industry background in photography, film, and music and Esra comes from a banking and textile industry background.

Working in those industries for over 15 years with different types of people from all around the globe was a fantastic journey. This experience has given me the ability to converse with and relate to many types of people and deal with spontaneous complications; coming up with quick solutions to keep ‘the show on the road’, as the saying goes. 

Esra has been in the textile industry for over 20 years. Her experience provides essential knowledge for the business to thrive. She gives meticulous attention to every detail in the mill to make sure the production of every single project flows flawlessly.

Working with fabrics has turned into an excitement and passion that is embodied by the quality of our work. 

So what makes Andriali stand out among their competitors?

Our lead times are outstanding – two to five weeks from the point the purchase orders are given – and the prices and quality we provide are supremely competitive.

We go the distance when supplying our clients with each and every detail they ask for. Sometimes it might even be a request such as, “can you come with a blackout that does not need three pass finishing?” Well, what do we say? “Of course, we will do our best.” Then we get to work with our textile engineers and put our Einstein hats on to come up with a brilliant functional solution. Like magic, we come back to our client with a fabulously luxurious double blackout fabric that blocks out light completely. These are the situations where you can say Andriali’s team shines like the sun.

We offer flexible minimum quantities for custom projects and do our best to maintain within the boundaries of the budgets given.  If the initial brief is not possible, we will always provide valuable alternatives in terms of fabrics and logistics, preserving the look, style and requirements that are specified. We have woven upholstery textures, printed and woven blackout drapery, woven and printed drapery and textured, striped, fil coupe, applique and printed sheers.

Andriali consistently preserves the designer’s vision while still maintaining stringent standards, such as the critical IMO or any other specification necessary.

Can you tell us about any exciting projects you’ve been working on or have coming up?

Most of the projects we work on are confidential.

One project we can speak about is the ‘Thank you, Thank you’ project for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, involving their entire fleet. We are very proud to say we delivered every curtain on time to all the ships. Globally, Andriali’s fabrics are traveling the oceans daily, on 18 of Royal Caribbean’s ships and many more.

Our other clients currently include Studio Dado, Callison RTKL, Celebrity Cruises and Carnival Cruise Lines. Running several projects at the same time is extremely challenging with lead times, designs, and expectations. Our team thrums with adrenaline and creativity, coming up with solutions as if we are in a Formula One race with the clock! Andriali Contract thrives under these conditions.

We have had several projects where customers, having run into challenges, reach out to us for solutions and expertise. For instance, one of our most recent projects is a gorgeous, luxurious velvet with glitter print that was challenging to create but that we nevertheless succeeded in manufacturing it to its specifications. Of course, everyone was super delighted with the outcome. Handling challenging custom projects is when our team shines, in every aspect of the project from the start of selecting the yarn to weaving the final product.

It’s an exciting time for design in cruise interiors and everyone is looking to the future. Do you have any predictions for future trends that you’ve spotted, whether colour, fabric etc.

I see that there will be an increase in vigorous requirements for the Cruising Industry and as technologies improve, there will be greater possibility of providing safer, more durable contract fabrics.

And finally, we have to ask, what are you looking forward to about Cruise Ship Interiors Expo Europe?

The fact is that the Cruise Ship Interiors Expo has created such a niche platform that was desperately needed by this industry, making it easier to establish meaningful relations in a professional environment.

We look forward to this exciting event where we get to exhibit some of our latest fabrics and gain new clients.

We will be active on the B2B program, scheduling our meetings beforehand with key individuals in order to be as efficient and productive as we can within the two days of the Expo.

The lineup they have put together for the conference provides priceless information. You can learn up-to-date information about future trends, ecologically friendly designs for interiors and public areas, plus the latest technologies that are critical for the cruising industry. Summing it all up, the Cruise Ship Interiors Expo is a fantastic platform to establish new professional relations with individuals from the most prestigious companies that are relevant to our business and theirs.

Visit Andriali Contract on Stand 564 by registering for FREE for Cruise Ship Interiors Expo Europe, Fira Barcelona, 4-5 December.