Cruise Ship Interiors Expo Europe is proud to present their innovative new exhibitor, Viveur.

Viveur is a team of ambience designers based in the UK. Partnered with Italian master perfumer Lorenzo Dante Ferro, Viveur create pure and fragranced air, upholding their claim to be Artisans of Ambience. Lorenzo Dante Ferro is one of only a hundred Master Perfumers in the world. Having worked in fragrance creation the globe over, Lorenzo now creates perfumes of the finest quality, revitalising Italian perfumery traditions. As one of only a handful of independent perfumery masters, he is free from the constraints of a large perfume house – allowing him to create individual, unique fragrances.

Who are they?

Hailing from the UK, with links in Italy, Viveur are a family-run business of ambience designers. With years of experience in the air conditioning industry, the team set out to create an innovative new product to improve air quality, enhance the health standards of a room, and create ambience with fragrance.

What is it?

Volante Puro from Viveur is a unique concept for ultra-luxury interiors. Combining titanium UV purification technology with fragrances from Master Perfumer Lorenzo Dante Ferro, Volante Puro blends science and the art of perfumery. In a nutshell, Volante Puro takes a two-forked approach, offering the assurance of a safe and healthy environment, combined with an exclusive sensory experience.

Using active air purification technology built into the ventilation ductwork, Volante Puro simulates the cleansing effect of fresh air. Dispersing through the room, Volante Puro sends out molecules which seek and neutralise odours and viruses using cell breakdown. Having been tested on the SARS family of viruses, as well as a wide variety of other airborne microbials, Volante Puro is perfectly placed in the current climate to provide a healthy environment on board.

“Tested on numerous viruses over many years, even airborne transmission of infection via a sneeze can be neutralised before it has travelled a metre.”

Miles Guy Cantley, Viveur

Volante Puro has also been designed to influence the senses. It is well known that scents have a large psychological effect – and for this reason, Volante Puro has been designed to be ‘clean’ without the sensory impact of creating a sterile atmosphere.

In the cruise industry, Volante Puro has countless use cases. In the midst of a global health crisis, the sensory impact of a clean-scented ship, combined with the assurance of purified air, lends an alleviation to the anxieties of passengers. On a wider scale, perfume design from Viveur can be used to enhance the brand image of a cruise line – with the possibility of each ship within a line having a ‘personal scent.

The areas of the brain responsible for recognising scents, called the olfactory regions, are also responsible for memorising events and experiencing emotions – which is why scents can trigger memories of people, places, events, or even just a certain time. Viveur have tapped into the power of this phenomenon to add a level of sensory design to hospitality spaces.