Hand Sanitiser Horsham (HSH) is an exhibitor at Cruise Ship Interiors Expo Europe. Already providing hand sanitiser in a portable, easy-to-use card to organisations across the world, HSH believe their design, the Adore card, can solve problems and reduce costs for the cruise industry.

By condensing the hand sanitising process into a practical card, Adore reduces the overall cost of providing hand sanitiser to customers and crew on a cruise ship. HSH say the cards can be left in staterooms alongside the normal amenities, where they can be picked up by travellers and used either in-cabin or whilst on the ship. Take a look at some of the features of the Adore card in the video below:

Product Feature – Adore from HSH

We recently took a closer look at Hand Sanitiser Horsham’s flagship product, the Adore card. Designed as a luxury product, Adore is the perfect size to keep in a wallet, to be used before and after contact-heavy tasks such as applying makeup or travelling on public transport. The one-use design means that the efficacy of the gel is always at factory standard, as it has not been opened and left to degrade. See what Adore has to offer in our Product Feature.