Secto Design is a Finnish company specializing in Scandinavian-feel lamps, hand-made from high-quality PEFC-certified birch. Since its conception, Secto Design has grown from a small workshop in Heinola to a global brand that now ships over 95% of its production to 80 countries worldwide. Recently, we sat down with Secto Design to find out more about its iconic lamps, ambitious brand story, and learn how they are designing products built to last a lifetime.

Could you tell us about Secto Design and its brand story?

The founder of Secto Design, Tuula Jusélius and designer Seppo Koho first met in 1995. Together they shared a passion and respect for Scandinavian design and Northern wood and started collaborating on innovative wooden furniture. The furniture was a success, but it did not take long to identify a niche in the market, namely wooden lamps. And with that, the conical Secto 4200 pendant was born. This soon became the foundation of the entire Secto Design collection, which today consists of 27 different models.

Could you tell us more about Secto Design’s bespoke and innovative lamps?

Secto Design lamps are handmade in Secto Design’s factory in Finland using local birch wood. This is a strong and resilient material that lasts. All of the birch wood that is used is PEFC certified, sourced from commercial forests in Finland. As proof of authenticity, each and every lamp is marked with a hologram sticker to reassure customers that they are buying an original Secto lamp.

Over the years, the company has successfully grown into a key player in the interior design industry. Its iconic Scandinavian lamps are showcased around the world in many hotels, restaurants, offices, and public spaces. Exporting to over 80 different countries, the wooden lampshades are well-known for their versatility and ability to fit with many different styles of interior design. Additionally, the lighting is subtle and calming to look at, bringing warmth and ambience to any space. All the models are carefully designed to work harmoniously together so that they can be mixed and matched as desired.

Sustainability is crucial to cruise interior design. What steps is Secto Design taking to reduce its environmental impact?

Secto Design creates premium products that are designed to last a lifetime. Sustainability is not only a top priority for the company, it is also one of our core principles. We are always looking into ways to improve the impact our products have on the environment. For example, this year the company is conducting a life cycle analysis of every model in the collection in order to have a better overview of what can be done to further improve the product life cycle.

Secto Design exhibited at Cruise Ship Interiors Design Expo Europe 2022. Learn more about this event and sign up here.