Tower Supplies
are an exhibitor at Cruise Ship Interiors Expo Europe, in the Health & Hygiene Zone. Specialists in workwear and personal protection equipment (PPE), Tower have spent over 35 years fine-tuning their operation.

Today we’re talking to Tower about how their products can help the cruise lines move forward after COVID-19, and what makes their service stand out. Read on below…

Can you tell us a bit about Tower Supplies and your experience?

Tower Supplies is an independent manufacturer and supplier of hospitality, health, safety and hygiene products serving many industries, including the cruise industry, since the early 2000s. We’re supplier members of IMPA (the leading association for marine purchasing and supply professionals) and Executive Partners in the CLIA HFB (Hotel Operations and food & beverage) community – where our Director of Marketing sits on the supplier advisory council. Our longevity of providing to cruise lines demonstrates our knowledge and ability to fulfil the worldwide logistic requirements that are expected of a supplier.

What makes your services and product special?

Tower’s offering is special because it considers many variables as opposed to solely focusing on price as a differentiator. Our experience in the cruise industry has led the Tower offering to balance competitiveness with service (on-time-in-full), standards (corporate accreditations and product approvals), sustainability and continuous improvement.

How can you help the cruise lines move forward from COVID-19?

Hygiene has always been high on the agenda for cruise lines. However, post-COVID-19 we expect the value of our efficient and effective solutions for crew and guest wellbeing to be further recognised. Tower brings over 35 years’ operating experience in other markets to cruise. For example, a decontamination canister that is proven to work in ambulances would be ideal for staterooms on ships. Innovation is a corporate value of Tower. Sensor technology that is being incorporated in soap, sanitiser, paper towel, and tissue dispensers in land-based locations can provide assurance, efficiency, and effectiveness at sea.

How do your services and products provide ROI for cruise lines?

The safety and wellbeing of crew, guests, and shoreside stakeholders has always been a priority for cruise lines. Tower’s hospitality and hygiene ranges are complemented by the COVID-19 PPE and safety products required for operation, and therein the investment in dealing with Tower can be attributed across many product lines, including those that are part of the new-normal. Tower’s methodology allows its customers to view the cost-in-use of products and can apply soft savings from the processes the company enables, so to truly reflect costs.